Scientists say bacon cause cancer. What are you going to do?

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This is nothing new. we all know by now that anything treated with nitrates can cause cancer.

So ,I'll give up reading about it ./img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif
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A more interesting study"what doesn't give you cancer?"

And personaly I would say that I will most probably die one delicious and crispy piece at a time.


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A more interesting study"what doesn't give you cancer?"
I totallyl agree.  Listen to the media hype over the years and just about about anything and everything gives you cancer.  Once you look beyond the headlines and look at these studies, they often are feeding rats and mice such heavy doses that, of course, they are going to develop cancer.
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I think that balance is the key.  I do eat a lot of processed meat like ham, prosciutto, sausage, bacon, all the pork products but I eat a lot more fresh fruits and veg than anything else.  If I was eating it all day and neglecting to eat fresh foods and downing it with a bunch of soda and sugary foods then it could be a real road to disaster.  I think people worry too much about what they shouldn't be eating, but I like to focus on what I should be including in my diet more than anything.  To me fresh veggies are like a protector in my diet and sadly people are not eating enough of them still.

I thought about this briefly when I went out last night for dinner with my girlfriends.  It didn't stop me from enjoying my dinner of burrata and an arugula salad with prosciutto.  C'est la vie.
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Right amidst all the official warning signs, licenses, etc. posted at my restaurant was this notice as well;

WARNING The State Of California Has Determined That Living Can Cause Cancer, Or Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm, And May Be Detrimental To Your Health.
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It should be noted that  "iron in meat works as a catalyst to turn nitrates added as preservatives into a particular kind of carcinogen." It's also specifically cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, which are already a low risk cancer. 

They also say that although the WHO classified it as carcinogenic in the same category as smoking and other really bad things, it's not even in the same ball park. 

If you eat processed meats every day, 2-3 times a day for your entire life, cancer is only one thing you have to worry about. Heart disease and high blood pressure would probably kill you first. 

Humans are omnivores. Everything in moderation. Except vegetables. 
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It really is not new.  Nitrates and nitrites occur naturally in a lot of foods you eat.  Even dark leafy greens.  The problem is when you put it with proteins and burn the shit out of it, that is how you make the bad compounds.   Burned vegetables = okay.  Burned proteins = cancer.   Don't burn your bacon crispy.  Hey I make my own bacon, it's cut kind of thick, i bake it on the oven until it's just beginning to be crispy, but still has nice chew.  It is wavey, doesn't curl up on itself, isn't nearly as bad for you as when you burn it on a skillet.

This is from a review back in 1999

"N-nitroso compounds have been shown in animal experiments to be the most broadly acting and the most potent group of carcinogens. The key role of nitrite and nitrogen oxides in forming N-nitroso compounds by interaction with secondary and tertiary amino compounds has led to the examination worldwide of foods for the presence of N-nitroso compounds, which have been found almost exclusively in those foods containing nitrite or which have become exposed to nitrogen oxides. Among these are cured meats, especially bacon-and especially when cooked;"
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My first thought when learning about Francis Mallman and his flourish for drawing out "burnt" flavors from different things was, "the public health community could see this as pro-carcinogenic sacrilege."

I'm wondering if the +/- in cancer rates are reflective of degrees of inflammation that occur to due the ingestion of certain types of food.  Also, any idea what the control group ate, seeing how they're the lucky ones who will never get cancer?


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The percentage increase risk is small. We've long known that cured meats, higher fat meats were risky for cancer and other health concerns. This isn't really news if you were following along. Just now the WHO has said so. They're late to the party. 

So, i'll continue to enjoy them as special occasion things and flavor accents. Pretty much what I've been doing the last 20 years anyway. 


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I see only two options: 

1) give up on bacon.

2) give up on science. 

There goes beouf bourguignon and spaghetti carbonara :) yes I have seen same on the news. It,s not new info. How will it affect your cooking, if at all?
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Eat more bacon! Remember when butter and eggs were bad for you? This is more junk science to push an eat less meat agenda!
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Some folks purchase food products to fit their budget and/or family palates, such as 

Hot Dogs for that picky little one who only eats Red Hot Weiners and boxed mac-n-cheese.

That frazzled Mom just wants to get something in her kid, no matter what the WHO says.

Our youngest niece ate only that for the first, oh, maybe 18 years of her life.

Then she went away to college and discovered Beer and Pizza. 

When I did watch "19 Kids And Counting", the meals that they would make made be cringe!
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