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    Hello Chefs, we are three students in a school in Denmark. We have been given an assignment by our teacher to improve a work-branch and we chose to improve the cooking branch. 

    It would be extremely helpful if you could give us advice about what needs improvement.

    There are some parameters we need to follow, for example the improvement must have something to do with clothing. In this case it will be the chefs jacket.

    First of all:

    Are there any issues with the current design of the chefs jacket, if yes, what needs improvement (for example breathing holes for the chefs jacket if it gets too hot). 

    Second of all:

    We had an idea but we're not sure if it's a good idea or not, since we really do not have any idea of how things work in a kitchen. 

    Our idea:

    We thought about making a cutlery holder on the jacket. We are talking about a knife attached to the jacket (with protection so you don't accidentally cut your self of course) with velcro or some other mechanism. It doesn't have to be a knife, it could also be some other cooking equipment.

    Be completely honest and tell us if our idea is bad and why. Also please tell us about some problems or issues you might have related to the chefs jacket.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope someone here will have the time to help us out.
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    It would depend on the location of the holder, waist? or like mid-stomach? Makes a huge difference about how good of an idea it is. The breathability, in my opinion, varies by company. I like Chef Works. But I've worn some that some companies provided me that were very heavy and hot. But back to the cutlery holder, personally, I wouldn't utilize one. Just because in a kitchen, you do a LOT of moving. Velcro might break, knife falls, tip breaks. Mad chef. Correct me if I'm misinterpreting what you're describing, by the way. For a prep guy, it might be a good idea. My prep guys usually stay in one area and cut things all day. But as a chef, I do a lot of running, squeezing behind people, just too much movement for something like that to be a benefit to me. Hope I helped! 
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    Best for the large knives in the kitchen would be a drop leg platform. Have it hold a chef's knife, petty and parer.

    Drop leg platforms are usually military or law enforcement set ups, but it would work well for a kitchen as platform for the knife sheaths too in my opinion. Include a spot for a steel too.
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    Yes. This is a bad idea.
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    The Velcro idea is not bad for towels, napkins, heat proof gloves, may be tongs and little utensils. Not knives indeed (heavy, dangerous). Some kind of holder could be a nice add too, i don't know, plastic rings or something like that. And a waterproof pocket for a little camera.
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