school project need a personal cook to answer some questions

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    1. What is your educational bacground that prepared you for this job?
    2. Describe a typical workday from start to end.
    3. To what extent doyou find your work intresting or fulfilling? Why?
    4. What is the appropriate dress for this job?

    I"m Monique Valentines and i attend John W North High school
    I would really apperciate if you helped me out/img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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    Professional Caterer
    1) educational background to prepare me for personal cheffing......

    Great teachers in prep school that helped me be self motivated, self determined, assigning projects that nurtured creativity as well as made us accountable for follow through....setting a tone for high standards.
    No culinary school, just an awful lot of years cooking at home.

    2) depends on the client....some want input in designing menus, others don't...
    devining what is already available, either through a phone call or visiting the kitchen

    shopping many times multiple places

    unloading and putting groceries away

    pulling out all the expired food in the fridge, pitching

    deciding what to make....within the prescribed desires of clients, this takes both knowledge of food as well as detailed information from clients on their preferences on cooking as well as what they want to eat, as well as portions.....


    Cleaning up

    Cashing check.

    3) I love it.  The hours are to my timeframe, it stretches my creative muscles, I get to play with the GOOD shtuff, it's super $$$ and in some cases benefits.

    4) I wear T-shirts, chef pants and crocs.   Many times I'm the only person there....comfort is important.