School Lunch Ideas

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I have a 5 year old who is starting Kindergarten in August.  Anyone have any ideas for some healthy kid friendly lunches I might pack. Thank you
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I'm in the same boat. I give my kid sandwiches like pb&j, turkey and cheese. I also give him soups like lentil and chili. Mostly I give him leftovers with crackers and tortilla chips, hummus and veggies, small easy peel tangerines, bananas or apples, granola, raisins, stuff like that. You get into a groove.
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@adriyaya  how will you be packing your kiddos lunch?

Box or bag, ice packs, thermos?

hot or cold foods?

And then the biggest question of all...

what does your child like? 

Kids can be persnickety and toss that bagged lunch

in the nearest recpticle 

just as soon as you pull away from the curb after

dropping them off at school.

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