school in France or Peru ?

school Peru or France

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hi how are you guys doing ? Ive been debating between France or Peru its the best place to study culinary arts. My first language is Spanish so the language won't be a problem in Peru, in the other hand Im learning French and I don't have an academic level on the language, so would have to study French and after study culinary arts. Many people have told me that Peruvian cousine its the new trend but French cousine have always been in the top list, I would like to know you guys opinions about schools and experience as well, thank you
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Hola andresber57,

Wonderful that you have the resources to go to either country! I think learning a new set of skills would be hard enough in your first language. So maybe a Spanish speaking school would be quicker to start. Maybe Spain is an option.

I would suggest that part of your research include a complete course list for whatever piece of paper you want to frame.

As an American, most cooking schools here teach a wide variety of cuisines. Because we learn little about Greek, French, Italian, etc. I like that approach. The couple of frenchmen I worked with, learned two years of French food and the German Chef had two years of German food. None of them were very familiar with cuisines from other parts of the Planet. Interesting...

The path you choose depends on your current goal. What do you want to do with your new knowledge? Open a Peruvian restaurant or a French restaurant?

The main ingredient is you. How hard are you willing to study and practice? That sort of determines what kind of future you will have in the culinary world.


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I would agree with everything sgmchef sgmchef said. Where do you want to end up? A few notes about studying in France. If you attend a school like LeCordon Bleu in Paris all of the classes are given in English. They have a large international study body so if you speak English then there would be no issue there. When I studied in France I did not speak the language but was able to get a long just fine. You pick up pretty quick if you are focused and simple phrases like "clean the green beans" are pretty obvious what they want you to do. You will also most likely find someone who speaks Spanish in the kitchen.

I think there are great opportunities in Peru I would explore there but if you want to see more of the world France is a wonderful place to visit and work in. Both are great options.
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