School Assignment - Need Culinary Student's Assistance

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Hi everyone!

I'm very new to these forum and I'm sorry for posting this right away (and sorry if it's in the wrong forum). I googled a site where culinary students are fairly active and was brought here!

My assignment is as follows:

I'm designing a website where the target audience is culinary students. To understand the target audience, would any students be willing to PM me responses to the following questions?
  1. Where, besides school, do you go to learn about food?
  2. Where do you shop for food?
  3. Where, besides your school, do you get recipes?
  4. What 3 websites do you frequent and what do you like about them? These don't have to be food related websites, just websites you visit in your free time.
  5. What websites do you not like and why? (If you could include at least 2, that would be fantastic)
  6. How do you feel about social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, or Youtube and the recipes that are posted on there? Have you ever used those for inspiration or have you posted a recipe on those sites (or other like them) yourself?
  7. What is your age and gender and do you work outside of school?
  8. What is your web experience? For example:
    • Do you go online every hour, twice an hour, more than twice hour?
    • Usage frequency: How long are you online during a particular online visit
    • Usage location: Do you use the internet at home, work, school, or other (like during a bus/public transportation commute to work/school)
    • Usage platform (dial-up, broadband, 3G/4G smart phone)
    • Favorite sites
  9. What are your goals, tasks, and motivation when using food-related websites as well as other non-food-related websites.
Thank you so much in advance. Any help you can provide me would be beyond appreciated. Again, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
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