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HI there i am in a situation where im not exactly sure which school will be better for me. I live in new bedford mass. Im considering 2 schools either Le cordon bleu in cambridge or johnson and wales in RI

i thinking of doign the weekend program a johnson and wales and at le cordon bleu doing the certificate program for 9months.

I want more hands on and learning as much as i can and hopfully be placed at a good resturant after my schooling.

I believe i can cook and dont wanna start as a dishwasher, i know some peopel do start there and owrk there way up.. if any suggestiions please let me know thanks..
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Have you ever worked in any capacity in a restaurant? If the answer is "no" it is my opinion that you need to start as a dishwasher or server or anything if only for a month or two so you can start to see what a kitchen at work is really like.  I started as "pantry cook" which meant I did dishes, prep, mopped the floor ....whatever....and was happy to do it (mostly, who really wants to mop a floor?) 

The last chef I worked for always made the new guy do dishes his first day, said it helped you know where most things in the kitchen were, and separated out the prima donna's. and it did, mostly.

those are both good schools as far as I have read about them, but first things first. Come home tired and sore and smelling like a melange of all the foods you have served or cooked  after a busy, successfull, fun hectic night,  and sit down with your significant other and say "Tommorow... at the restaurant , I wanna try....
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i agree with the need to work in a restaurant doing something at least. you have to have respect for everyone doing anything in that place. i cant count how many times i have been told that a dishwasher is like gold in the fact that if they quit the restaurant fails. without dishes food doesnt get made, plated, served, or eaten. as for going to school i believe its a good idea, but dont expect to be hired on as anything too far above dishwasher... pantry cook might still be where your goin.

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