Scare to take the next step

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First of all, i'm from Asia(Malaysia) and i been in culinary industry almost 3 years.Thru 1 years and a half i find myself working with passion, learn the new recipe, the skills,the knowledge.. As years go by, i feel like i need to take another step to improve my skills and knowledge by going another places. I been stuck in this hotel for quite sometime and all i want is to find new experience but i'm to scare to take the next step. I always wonder what if i can't make it, what if and what if....Any advice ?
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What exactly are you afraid of? Why do you think you might not make it at the new place? Are you not confident in the skills you have?
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your fears are holding you back. You've learned a lot in this job, hopefully; now you need to learn more in a different place. You can do it; you've already done it where you are now. If the hotel where you are now has a job board, or different departments (banquet, restaurant, room service), apply for another job in the same hotel.
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I agree with jcakes. Your fears are your own insecurities. If you have been learning and working well at the hotel, then you have skills. Often we are our own worst critics. Be confident and know that you do have employable skills. Everyone has to eat. So no matter where life takes you, you will be able to find a job. Tons of hotels, country clubs, cruise ships, private chef, and maybe even start your own small eatery. (Angel investors do exist) This site has a job listing forum. You can start by searching there. Have faith in yourself and walk thru the doors that open for you. Good luck.
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i'm to scare to take the next step. I always wonder what if i can't make it, what if and what if....Any advice ?
I would be more scared to not take the next step.

Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? They do the drunken sailor routine and plop down on their butts. They don't sit there and tell themselves that they are miserable failures, they are never going to learn to do this, their life is over, what's the point in trying. No they simple roll over on all fours and give it another go.

Go back to this mentality. Unlearn all the lessons that installed fear in you.
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Chef your reasoning is the reason why you should take that step. Get out of your comfort zone and grow! Believe in yourself and do it. Be a chef!
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Fear of the unknown is a very very powerful tool in your arsenal. It's perhaps the best thing you will ever have going for you. It shows drive, dreams and discovery.
Once you lose it, you won't get it back, and then you are on the painful road to jaded.
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