Scalloped Potatoes

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When I make scalloped potatoes or an approximation thereof, it seems like I'm always in a time crunch. To help speed things along, I get a pot of water started as I  peel and chop the potatoes and par boil them. I also skip much of the layering, build a simple bechamel  and possibly fold in some grated cheese once it's off the burner if I'm going that direction. A healthy dose of chopped garlic and/or perhaps some chopped onion or chives winds up in there too. Layer half the potatoes, salt & pepper to taste, half the sauce, perhaps add a bit of shredded aged cheddar in a buttered dish, then the rest of the potatoes, sauce, etc. The top usually gets a nice dose of shredded parmesen for flavor, golden brown color and non-oily properties. 

Cook @ 350-375 for 30-45 minutes

Until I took this approach, it was always a crap-shoot as to how long I'd have to cook the dish to avoid under-cooked potatoes. I also have a theory that slightly irregular hand cut chunks as apposed to the very evenly sliced potatoes a food processor creates distribute better and have a lower chance of migrating together into a semi-solid mass that's hard to cook.

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Pete I have seen many places use this, as well as stuffing mix. In a pinch its pretty good.
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Pete I have seen many places use this, as well as stuffing mix. In a pinch its pretty goo
Yeah, it is not too bad, actually, I was making a "play" on another thread about inane recipes/img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif
I thought this was a quip but the way the other thread semi-exploded I was just going to let it sit to a can of peas.

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