scallop roe

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help i have 25-30 scallops in the shell with roe.
I do not want to waste the roe, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Any ideas or recipes. thanks merwin
ps time is limited they are in my kitchen, in a coller with salt water. 24 hr max.
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I've seen them in Europe prepared with the roe intact. I think it's uncommon for home cooks here to get them that way. I'd be interested in hearing the advice you get, Merwin.
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Hello Merwin,

You are a lucky person. All to often we are relegated to use scallops that have already been shucked and some times treated.

The scallops you have in the fridge should be prepared very simply.

Remove the top shell and peel back the membrain (gently)

Ontop of the muscle put a bit of butter,a mill of black pepper,a grind of sea salt, a squeeze of lemon,a splash of white wine and bake at 425f for 5 minutes and top with a bit of fresh basil and fine diced tomato.

serve a couple toast points to sop up the jus
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