Scaling Up Recipes (Sauces)

Joined Nov 9, 2020
Hey Peeps, wondering if you could help? What is the best way to scale up recipes? This is for a burger truck (all the way over here in the UK :) ... I am mainly trying to do this for my burger sauces - some are a basic composition of Mayo/Relish/Vinegar/Cayenne etc and then for wing sauces I would have something similar (x amount of Franks/Garlic Granules etc).
On some of the sauces, esp where vinegar was iinvolved if i tried to use a common multiplier it would take it over the edge. What do you pro's suggest? Would it be to find the sweet spot and individually scale up to like a 1 to 2 Litres of sauce, and nail down the quantities (via trial and error) and use this as the baseline rather than risk going to volumes like 5/10L where it could potentially go too much to the "right".
Many thanks in advance,
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