scaling up a small batch yeasted donut recipe

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Hi there,

I've been making and selling doughnuts for about 18 months, but working from home and making them in small batches. I now have the opportunity to move into a commercial kitchen, with massive mixers and a retarder. Can anyone point me in the direction of any helpful books or websites that have information about scaling up a dough recipe and about using commercial equipment? I really want to increase my capacity, but not sure how to get started.

Many thanks!
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Hi Rhubarb!

This is what I know about scaling up or down. I don't know if you are using volume or weight measurement, but this is what I do when I want to alter the quantity of a formula. You need a conversion factor,

Divide New qty by Old qty.   You will get a number that you then multiply each ingredient by to get the new amount of ingredient.

So if you have a formula for 24 cookies and you wish to make 50 cookies, you divide:

50/24 = 2.08 which then means you multiply each ingredient by 2.08 (I am anxious as I never round up or down) or 2.1 if you round up.

(new/old = CF) so  (CF X @ ingredient) equals new ingredient amount needed.

That's it!

Hope this helps,

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