Sayonara suckers :)

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I had a revelation... an epiphany of sorts. My favorite knives are cheap carbon steel. Until recently my favorites are two that don't even have a makers mark on them.

Recently I got a Forgecraft 10 inch chef knife and it became the sharpest knife in my quiver. So now I'm getting a couple others, like a paring knife and slicer.

I may never use my German Henckels or Japanese Shun knives again. And I certainly have no interest now in more expensive Japanese knives.

I feel so liberated!
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By cheap, do you mean vintage? I picked up a few forgecraft 10" at $30 and I think thats ok for a project knife. The grinds vary widely between years, with the later ones being fatties. Also they go for $40 to 50 on ebay now; not so cheap anymore considering I add another $60 in handle parts. Sabs go for $70+. Too much IMO. Cck 1303 is up at $70 now (got mine for $50 new)

Btw what japanese knives have you tried beyond shun?

Certainly there is a point of diminishing returns. For me its somewhere between $200 and $300 though.
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I'm tempted to do a handle project on my set like you did. That spalted wood is very sexy and there are plenty of other sexy options too! Right now, though, time does not permit.
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