Savory Sugar Straws ?

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Hello all -

I need some help with an idea -

Idea:  I am looking to make flavored straws that are going to go with a savory soup that may be used to sip, stir, etc. the soup.  I was intending to roll the straws similar to a sugar though flavored with spices or an additional flavor to add to the soup.

Problem :  I don't really want to make the straw out of sugar due to the sweetness - i like the consistency etc off sugar though the sweetness of the sugar if it melts too much with the soup will become overbearing.

Solution???? I was thinking if there is another product out there with a similar physical property of sugar (can bend/form into a hard straw)  though without the sweet.... hmmm any ideas??

thanks - augustineinchicago
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This is a good thought and the technique lends itself well to a variety of savory dishes.  Virtually the same recipe was used at El Bulli to make taco shells with fried corn powder instead of popcorn.

That said sugar is magical and there isn't anything ideal for what you are talking about.  Sugar straws would dissolve very quickly in a hot soup anyways.  Here are some more ideas:

You could make fruit leather, roll it into a straw and finish drying it out.

You could use a more conventional tuile recipe, cutting back on the sugar.
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