Saving recepies on your phone?

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 Hey hey,

I'll admit that I'm new on this forum and I'm here for only one reason. I need feedback from people like you, that like to cook. 

I'm an amateur cook but enjoy cooking a good meal, for myself or for others. Pasta is my favourite food and I made up some recipies myself. Besides that I'm a Computer nerd that likes to game, is always up to date about the latest stuff etc.

And I combined the two. There is a new iPhone app called chainr that allows you to take pictures, record audio and video and lets you add text. This is all placed in a multimedia slightshow which you can edit and share with others.

The original idea was born in a music studio for recording settings but it's very clear it can be used for all sorts of things. Like recording how to clean a fish, or to save your recipies and share it with others. 

So my question is: If you are intrested in this or just wanna  try it out and see what happens? Please do, it's free at the moment and I'm wondering what you think about it and if you would use it?

You can find it here:

Thank you


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Well, for cooking, it's not useful to me. plain text handles my recipes, instructions and notes Portable, no platform limits, no software requirements, easy to email.

I hate cooking from a video.
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I agree with patch, I also my recipes recorded on either hand written, plain text on note pad. I think, it doesn't need to video it because if you want to see some real cooking, there's a lot of cooking channels.
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I understand but it's more like a digital cookbook where you can store your recipes. I kinda like it. It's more... up to date so to speak.
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