Saved by the Coat!

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On  Monday I had  an order for well done fries so I put a bunch into a skillet and put them in the salamander.  I raised it so the stuff would be closer to the heat but when I was lowering it, the handle broke off in my hand and it fell into the pot of boiling water just below and I got splashed.  My coat and tshirt absorbed a lot of the water but I was left with a small scald on my neck.  If I had not had my coat on and did not have a shirt on underneath it I would be dealing with some severe burns but I was saved by my coat!
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oh man nice, yeah the coat is designe for that.good thing u ok
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Thanks, guys!  I felt like a useless dumba$$ for the rest of my shift and on Tuesday when I was in TO with the kids I wore a turtleneck to keep the burn away from the sun and I think it did help... well that and the aloe vera gel!

As hot as the coats are they do offer us some degree of protection when it comes to burns etc. 
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So glad it was an illustration of the benefits of the coat, and not a learning experience for lack-of-coat. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/surprised.gif
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glad you're ok.

i used to wear all short sleeved jackets for the longest time but now i wear long sleeved jackets and feel more comfortable about the long sleeve protection to which they provide, many a times have gone to grab things out the oven and had burns from the oven racks on my arms.

your chef jacket should serve as a type of PPE.
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