Sauteing with wine

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Many Greek one-pot dishes, ask for sauteing onion with olive oil.
I have read somewhere that it's possible to substitute olive oil with wine.

What do you think about that?
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Technically it wouldn't be "sautéeing" then, but so what? It does work -- you won't get the onion to brown, but it will soften and sweeten when you cook it down "au sec." Best done in a non-stick pan.

But is there any way you can just use less oil instead? The flavor when you substitute wine will be different. I prefer to trim off almost all the visible fat from meats (if they are in the dish), and lower the amount of cooking fat, and then skim off what fat is left at the end of cooking. Of course, that won't give a totally fat-free dish, but it does lessen it.

PS: Happy New Year, Vivian!!
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Sauteing is done at relatively high temperature and I have heard that rapid cooking of wine (especially variatals) can cause it to break down and develop a bitter aftertaste. I've never tried sauteing with wine, it's just a thought.

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Thanks for your responses.
This is what I think. Of course there is a way to reduce the amount of oil in sauteing.
There is a whole kind of Greek dishes, casseroles, that are called ladera, means OILY :)
So I think the solution is to reduce the amount of oil in sauteing and add olive oil at the end of the cooking.
I have tried to do the same with onion, I mean to add it at the end but then the dish takes this distinctive smell of raw onion and I don't like it.

Thanks anyway.

PS Suzanne, Thanks, Happy new Year to you and Paul :)

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