sausage making advice...advanced?

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I just joined!  My husband and I have a small sausage business;  we really just sell in the summertime at Farmer's Markets.

We would like to expand to maybe having our products in local grocery stores.  It is all natural, hand made with no

preservatives of any kind.  Any comments or advice?  We are also looking for about 15-20 hours a week to rent in a 

up-to-code kitchen space.
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Walk into local stores with a sample .Price it so store can make a good%. Make sure you have all appropriate licenses, permit etc.  Large supermarkets will want some upfront $ from you.for the advertising space in their store.Try to stay local or try mailorder.Get a website
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Hello Sausagegirl and welcome to Chef Talk. I'll move your question (and Chefedb's informative answer) to a more part of the forum that deals with such matters. I hope you'll come back to the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself.

Good luck with your business!



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Welcome Sausagegirl.  When searching for a facility to make your sausage in, keep in mind that (I believe) any processed meat product that is sold wholesale (which you would be doing by selling to stores) must be made in a USDA inspected facility.  Many rental kitchens have local health inspections.  I don't know how easy it is to find a USDA inspected facility.  I know this used to be the case so you may want to double check on that.  I also worked with a chef, years ago, that was developing a line of sausages to sell wholesale and he also had to submit ingredient lists (not sure if it was the actual recipe) to the USDA also.
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Pete I could be wrong, but I think that it must be a USDA inspected plant if you ship interstate. At least years ago it was like this.
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I have a local Italian deli that makes great fresh sausage to sell in the store. I asked if they could do anything on wholesale prices, they said they are not USDA inspected, so the product can't be sold for resale.
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Thanks for the input;  anything else you think of that can help...I'll be listening...and I'll keep you posted
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