Sausage Expired still can be eaten?

Joined Mar 14, 2008
Dear people,

I would like to ask you, all along i have left chorizo sausage in the "FREEZER". Until  today i found out that it has expired for 1 month?

Do you think that i throw it away or can cook to eat it?

Thank you.


Joined Feb 1, 2007
It should be just fine.

Expiration dates, in general, tend to be overstated. But they are based on the item being in its natural state. That is, in the case of your chorizo, unfrozen.

Freezing is a preservation method that extends the shelf-life of food exponentially by retarding or destroying spoilage mechanisms. Defrost the sausage in the fridge, and eat it. From both a quality and safety viewpoint there should be no problems.
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