sauce suggestions?

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I plan to make seared scallops on mushroom risotto, but am not sure what to do for a sauce.  Possibly some sort of vinegar or wine reduction?  Any recommendations? 
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Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't do a sauce at all if you're serving the scallops on top of the risotto.  Otherwise I think a beurre blanc would serve this well.
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I agree with Koukouvagia on this. What possible reason would you have to use a sauce as well as the risotto base?
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I concur with the above replies. I have made this exact meal before, and at most I would say make a very simple buerre blanc. Anything too bold will kill the scallops.
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Why would you want to sauce risotto at all?  It's like saucing a stew.  Risotto is its own sauce, and a sufficiency unto itself.  If it isn't, you're making it waaaaaaay too dry.  You don't want to venture beyond a swirl of flavor infused oil, creme fraiche or the like. 

Polenta or grits -- different story. 

FWIW, beurre blanc IS a vinegar and/or wine reduction.  By suggesting it instead of the OP's proposed reduction, we're kind of kicking the horse and pulling on the reins at the same time.  I don't know if the OP is confused, but I am.

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i was thinking that drizzling the risotto and scallops with some sort of reduction (maybe just a rosemary balsamic reduction) would be nice.  would add a color contrast, and a bit more flavor...
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When I hear vinegar reduction, buerre blanc isn't the first thing to pop in my head. Yes, there is vinegar or wine in a buerre blanc, but balsamic reduction is a while different ball of wax. In my opinion, sear the scallops, make the risotto, and enjoy. "Color contrast" is the most overused food cliche in my mind. Why add something to a perfectly good dish simply to have a different color on the plate? I personally think scallops and risotto are harmonious together, both in taste and color.

But to each his own.
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"i was thinking that drizzling the risotto and scallops with some sort of reduction (maybe just a rosemary balsamic reduction) would be nice. would add a color contrast, and a bit more flavor..."


Hello everyone, this is my 1st post. I'm such a risotto addict...


Risotto or scallops with rosemary or balsamic vinegar? I wouldn't do that at all. Also, there's more than mushroom risotto to "pair" with your scallops.

This is my suggestion. Make an elegant and very tasty watercress risotto that will match perfectly with your scallops. Turns out beautifully fresh lightgreen. And you could ultimately make some darkgreen watercress infused oil to drizzle a few drops over the preparation.

Risotto; on a low fire, sweat a shallot in a good dash of sunflower oil. Add arborio rice and let the grains get an oil coat. Add some dry sherry (fino). Sherry and seafood is super. Wait for the wine to dissapear and add chickenstock a ladle at a time. Keep stirring gently untill the stock dissapears and repeat adding stock.

Somewhere after 10-12 minutes cookingtime, add a few tablespoons pureed watercress. (Blanch the watercress no longer than a few seconds in boiling water, refresh in freezing cold water and puree in a cutter).

Don't stir vigourously in the risotto from this point, just fold it gently. Keep adding stock and keep on tasting from now on for doneness. The rice has to be entirely soft inside but still ferm enough. Add butter to taste and some mascarpone. No parmezan. Taste! P&S and a few drops of fresh lemon juice.

Serve with a scallop on top, drizzled with a few drops of watercress oil (mix some uncooked watercress and a few leaves of spinach into neutral tasting oil and sieve).

Serve with a small glass of the same nicely chilled sherry...

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For an elegant appy. Take a stemmed cocktail glass fill with the risotto then Top off with 3 scallops and a sprig of cress.
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