Sauce for tonight's dinner

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Okay.. tonight for the guests are roast pork tenderloin with sage and olive oil. It's accompanied by a sage pesto I make to serve with the sliced pork.

As a side, I'm making butternut squash stuffed ravioli. Normally, I serve these with a brown sage butter and it is what I was going with tonight BUT....

I'm open to some good suggestions of something else the would complement the remainder of the menu without overpowering the flavor of the ravioli.

Last night I make homemade lasagna... from pasta to sauce and bechamel so nothing red sauce..

Thanks crew and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Unless you think it's too much, a nice sauce made with butternut squash may not be bad topped with fresh nutmeg and some fresh parsley.

I made some stuffed ravioli with something similar inside and ended up making a country ham (doesnt take much ham) white sauce with fresh parsely for the top. Twas yummey.
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