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I am looking for a good book with recipes for sauces and glazes for baking.  In particular, for cheese cake toppings.  I do a flavor of the week and I have used up the ideas in the cheese cake recipe books I have.  One example is I made a lemon curd for a topping.  the taste was excellent but the curd ran after a few days.

I am hoping someone will have a suggestion or two for me.
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Compotes are very easy to make, fruit, sugar, a little water and cornstarch slurry. Can also make maple bourbon pecan with boiled maple syrup, turtle with caramel, pecans and ganache or my favorite is creme brûlée using a torch to caramelize sugar atop the cheesecake. Can also do a mock creme brûlée by cooking sugar to a hard crack stage and pouring it on top while it's still in the springform pan. If you do this make sure the layer isn't too thick or it'll be hard to cut, just want a nice thin crispy layer.
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some good books and good videos ......

i couldn't remember the name .you can check it online

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