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    Hotel and Restaurant Katikies ... 1994 ...

    The Greek word for Katikies translates to residencies in English, and every guest of this small hotel listed with Small Luxury Hotels ( 1994 ) shall find its inquisitive architectural verticle structures and labyrinths connected by endless stairs and bridges quite amazing. I got plenty of exercise walking up and down the steps. The hotel is a serene paradise and the rooms are furnished im eclectic styole and island antiques. The restaurant specialises in Aegean Island and Santorini dishes.

    No matter where you go on this breathtakingly beautiful island of three parts, you can find a comfortable seatee to sit down and enjoy the flawless rich blue and white scenery and some wonderful traditional island cuisine.

    Restaurant Tomato ...

    Santorini born Chef Christanthos Karmegalos has travelled all over his native country collecting recipes ... Located on Monolithos beach, his specialties are: lamb in potato crust with freshly grown thyme and beef in white wine and drizzled with fig reduction sauce ... The views amazing ...

    Restaurant Alexandria ...

    Situated on the rim of the ancient volcano, Restaurant Alexandria is located in a former Greek adobe style manor house. The veranda offers views of the crater, last eruption 1500 B.C.  and the entire village of Fira, the capital. The notable dishes: the goat cheese baked spinach, the feta cheese filled green peppers and the open flame fired and seared chicken with sage ...

    Restaurant Selene ...

    Firstly, the terrace overlooking the stunner susnets and the owners, absolutely lovely people, are surely two reasons to stop and have a wonderful evening, the key just before sunset. Heaven scent on my last trip were the fresh catch of the day seared on flame and the aubergine stuffed with veal and feta cheese wrapped grape leaves ... The designation white wines of the island possess a smiliarity to Galician Albariños.  
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