SANTORINI APPELLATION, GREEK WHITE WINES ... Lovely couple with Shellfish & fish

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    Working as an editor, I have had the lovely invitation to a Greek Embassy event to taste test some absolutely superb white wines ... I have a Wine Taster´s Certificate and Sommelier, and though I do not work in the restaurant biz, I love exemplary wines ... So here they are:

    1) 2009 Argyros EState Atlantis White

    2) 2010 Sigalas, Santorini

    3) Gavalas Katsano 2008 - Gardenia floral notes

    4) 2007 Boutari Kallisti Oak Aged - Honey and dried fruit notes

    5) 2010 Gai´s Wild Fermented Assyrtiko

    These whites pair well with Greek cheeses and Mezze consisting of Spinach Pie, Taramasalata and Sagunaki which is a Prawn, tomato and Feta oven baked dish.

    Keep me posted.