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    Heard this on talk station I listen to.  CAUTION is a must, but filling up the largest pots you have with water (like that canning or crab pot) and bringing to boil can radiate a LOT of heat... again CAUTION necessary.

    Lost power for about 25 hours, but no serious damage to speak of... luckily.  Was able to light stove top with one of those long lighters, so could cook/heat up something to eat, but coulda survived on canned tuna!?!

    The Jersey shore (not JERSEY SHORE) got SLAMMED!  People who rely on beach property for income... this year, AT LEAST, will probably be a total bust.  Will admit I have wacthed The Jersey Shore... outta morbid curiosity.  If the low-class cast of the show has a SHRED of humanity in them, they'll do SOMETHING with the millions they've made "actin a fool" for past few summers.

    Wish home owners insurance had some kinda "preventative" clause in it??  Have a TALL maple that has been a concern for several years.  Splits into 3 big secondary trunks about 6-8 feet off the ground.  If it had split, could potentially taken out part of my house, my shed and part of neighbor's house.  Was outta work for THREE years (though job hunting all the time).  Though working again... money isn't great (tho I LOVE the job) and no benies.  No meat on the bone for having tree taken care of.  Neighbor's gonna give me name/number of guy who took down a HUGE oak in his yard... $1000!  Said he could probably just give it a serious haricut for much less.  If I can strike some kinda deal we can both live with, just HAVE to bite the bullet... or wait till it comes crashing down and then pay MUCH more for repairs??