sandwich spread beside mayo

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I am make turkey sandwich for teacher appreciation lunch.  Besides using mayo, what easy ideas to make tasty turkey sandwiches..I am using wheat bread since don't have croissants on hand.  I thought about a cranberry mayo spread but anything else?
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[h4]What about a nice Pesto?  Grocery store jarred is fine by me.  Cheap and friendly.[/h4][h4]Maybe some fresh sliced tomatoes, a little sweet onion, a bit of nice crisp butter lettuce.[/h4][h4]YUM![/h4]
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Avocado spread

cream cheese and Boursin mixed together

Ricotta cheese with herbs blended

drained salsa

olive tapennade

white bean puree
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Cranberry cream cheese, "Soften cream cheese and mix with cranberry sauce" turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato. on a Croissant is easy and they will love it.............ChefBillyB
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turkey cut in chunks

add chopped celery, carrot and spring onion

add mayonnaise, with lemon and curry added


unusual but still very simple. 
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I have to agree about the butter.  I've been known to make a sandwich and put butter on it when no one is looking.  My favorite is a toasted bagel with mortadella and butter.  Talk about sinful!
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Copy  MickeyD s Special Sauce

Which is easy enough, as it's just Thousand Island dressing. And I agree, that's a good match with turkey.

Also barbecue sauce, either straight or cut various ways. Indeed, combining mayo, bbq sauce, a shot of mustard is a great sandwhich spread that goes with almost any protein.

Consider taking a sideways step from other cuisines. F'rinstance, tzatziki is usually served with lamb. And might be slightly bland with turkey. But a short of hot sauce can perk it up, and the flavors all work together.

To really surprise people, go with something on the Asian side. Thai peanut sauce, for instance. Or create something based around hosin sauce. The possibilities are endless.
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I agree, I can't think of anything that's not better with butter.  Just don't tell anyone!
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One of the condiments that I do is a chilli chutney. Its basically re-hydrated prunes, sultanas, currents, onion and vinegar. It has a higher accompaniment score than any other sauce, mustard, or pickle. The description on our label basically summarises it as a clumsy chutney that has sweet, hot, spicy, and oxidised flavour, but we have found that people are genuinely in love with the product. I actually tried to copy a hot italian chilli jam. I got close but when I tasted this I stopped.
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OMG.  Branston pickle is the best thing since sliced bread.  Honestly.  How about trying hummus as a mayo substitute?  You can flavor it with lemon juice, curry, peppers, whatever suits the sandwich.  

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