sanding sugar

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Hello everyone from a newbie to this forum.

I came across something in a recipe that I have never heard of before and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was:

"sanding sugar"

The recipe is in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Cookies magazine, for something called Lemon and Poppy Seed Slices.

Has anyone heard of this and/or know where to find it?
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I think it's the sugar you sprinkle on cookies, sometimes tinted. I would guess you could roll balls of dough in it, too. It seems to have a bit coarser grain than regular granulated sugar, but not as coarse as turbinado sugar.
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Yes, Mezzaluna is correct. "Sanding sugar has larger granules that sparkle when spinkled on baked goods and candies."

For more information on various types of sugars, look here.

Try inquiring at your local bakeries. They should have some available for you to purchase or will be able to direct you to a source.

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Thanks for the link, cchiu!

Isn't there a very large grained sugar called pearl sugar?? Used in Scandinavian pastry?

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Usually sanding sugar is between grsanulated and coarse. You will get some melt in the oven. The coarse will usually hold through the bake. HTH
Let me know if you can't find it. 5 lbs.goes for around $6.50 sanding or coarse
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