San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 competition - American chef wins regionals for the Benelux

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    An american originating from California, chef Alex Joseph, 29, wins the regional part of the San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg). In 2009, he came to the "Rouge Tomate" restaurant in Belgium for a 3 month stage and ended up as the head chef in the restaurant.

    Yesterday he was chosen as best young Benelux chef for the San Pellegrino competition with a rabbit dish. He will now compete against chefs from 19 other regions for the finals of the San Pellegrino Young chef 2015 competition. In total 3.620 chefs from 192 countries will have participated in this important competition. He will be coached first by 3 different Belgian michelinstar chefs.

    The picture above is from a short interview at the end of this video with chef Alex Joseph;
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