Sampling caramels

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Hi all! I'm doing a pop-up sale/tasting at a local "food hall" next weekend to drive holiday sales of my caramel and cookie gift boxes.

Any ideas on the best way to sample the caramels?

Here are the details:
- I have four flavors and would like people to be able to try each one.
- I am preparing for at least 400 people to try things.
- I want the sample size to be 3/8 in x 1/2 in x 1/2 in (about 1/4 of my normal candy size).
- I cook my caramels relatively soft - so how well they hold their shape is pretty dependent on the ambient temperature - under 70 degrees they won't start sagging too much in the 3 hour period of the event, but anything above that and they will start slumping over time.
- I would very strongly prefer not to individually wrap each caramel for this event.

In the past, I have put them out on nice glass tiles and let people take what they want - but that was for small events not the general public and I'm worried that will get grubby looking fast. The success of that method also depends on being able to control the temperature of the caramels pretty tightly, and I don't think that will be an option in this case.

Some other ideas I've had: Little glassine or foil candy cups - but I'm worried they might stick? set on parchment and on toothpicks.

Ideas? Advice?
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Send Me a dozen of each ... I'll personally sample them and send you back my response ... You'll be good-to-go.
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Just do like you did before but put out only a few dozens at a time and keep rotating with a new tile. Keep the rest in a cooler if you worry about ambient temperature.

I've sampled some caramels at a 20,000 people event and this is how it was done.
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Not really. I was only the attendee.

I can see that my use of the word "sampled" could be construed as "giving out samples" in addition to "taking and eating the samples" (what I did, LOL).
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