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Hmmmm who I am would take ages to explain so for now here are the cliff notes
I am a cook in upstate New York at Fresno's
I am originally from Delaware and actually moved to NY to pursue a culinary career and education (however after moving up here two years ago I fell into the trap of taking the first job I came across. It was a non culinary position in the Health Insurance field [as a systems analyst] I have recently left to go back to what I love pay sucks compared to what I did as well as the hours but I feel doing what you love beats all)

My background culinary wise is
cook for Ground Round
cook for Host Marriott Travel Plaza
cook for TGI Friday's
lead cook for Fork and Cork
Asst. Manager for Little Ceasar's Pizza
Line Supervisor/PM Sous Chef for Wood Business Dining
Chef for Perfect Cup Cafe

and a few other positions here and there

I did 3 years in the Air Force as a electronic warfare systems specialist

other specialities and interests include
web design
graphics design (I had an art scolarship that I gave up for the military and desert storm)
poetry/song lyrics

my goals ultimately is to own a Bed and Breakfast attached to a small cafe

hmmm what else OH i have a daughter, and ex-wife and a girlfriend who has changed my life for the better and helps me to find my place in it all

besides that I am just mage, you may notice the lack of punctuation and capitalization along with minor spelling variances....please don'y assume I am an uneducated individual that is far from the truth I just suck at typing so the less I do the happier I am

mage out
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Dear Mage,

Some of my best friends suck at typing... and spelling! You won't be scorned for it, rest assured.

Wow... quite a CV. You're a man of many parts. Welcome to Chef Talk!

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Welcome aboard! Being a current Delwarean, you and I have crossed paths...
I, too, was with Wood Dining. What unit were you at? I also had a 'go around' with the Fork & Cork.
Small world. Again, welcome!
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i was at the First USA Unit on 202 from 9/98-08/99 (after that i left to go to Florida for a few months) as far as fork and cork that was an ill fated venture nice concept but the area wasn't ready for that type of menu.
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