Saltwater Taffy Equiment

Joined Jan 20, 2017
Hi I'm a Sous Chef at a casino in southern Indiana. We currently have a vacant outlet that needs filled and the upper management is open for ideas. My lead cook and I were discussing how cool it would be to open up a Saltwater Taffy/Kettle Corn shop, it would be something that wouldn't take revenue away from the other food venues and offer another level of service for our guests. We began doing research immediately and found we will need a few pieces of pricey equipment, problem is we are having a very difficult time finding a company to purchase these machines. What we will be need is a taffy puller, a small batch cooker, a batch roller, a taffy cut and wrapper, and a cooling table. Does anyone know of any good companies to find what we need? Preferably in the United States, Thank You for any help you can provide 
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