Salted butter caramel questions

Discussion in 'Pastries & Baking' started by zenobia, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Ive recently made the salted butter caramel from

    and used it as an icing layer in my chocolate cake

    the cake was a hit.

    but not one person tasted the salted butter caramel

    i made half the prescrbed quantity to prevent it from makin the cake go soggy..

    can anyone with experience using butter caramel sauce in cakes give me a few tips on how to make the taste shine through next time?

    love zeno
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    Hi Zenobia, I received your email the other day and couldn't reply as you left an incorrect email address. Coincidentally I found you here, and here was your question in the email.

    ''i have a question though about that cake, the salted butter caramel sauce, you see i loved the look and idea o that sauce. so i made ann pilsbury basic chocolate cake, nigellas chocolate ganache icing and your salted butter caramel sauce.
    everyone went crazy for the cake, you were dead right. but unfortunately no1 tasted the salted butter caramel, i reduced the quantity by half.. i made with 50gms of sugar not wanting a sweet icing and too much caramel...
    anything you can tell me to make your salted butter caramel better! or shine through more next time?
    what if the icing is as sweet as the caramel will it be painful to eat?''

    And here's my reply that I tried to email to you.

    ''I think it really depends on how sweet your icing is. My icing was not very sweet, and the salted butter caramel was more rich and savoury than sweet, and it was a nice compliment to the cake. I think it's best to make larger quantities of the caramel so you get a good dollop of it with every bite. But like I said, it really depends on your icing and the sweetness of the chocolate cake you made. My salted caramel worked well with my version of the icing and cake. I won't recommend just making sweet caramel for this though, it will be too cloying, so salted butter caramel is definitely the way  to go.''

    On your question in this thread, I'd just like to say that the caramel sauce didn't make my cake soggy. The sauce was rather thick and gloopy, more than wet, unless the chocolate cake you made was a chiffon cake, I don't think the sauce will affect the texture of the cake.

    Hope this helps!