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    Alright, first of all hello everyone, nice to finally join the forum!

    So my first post here because of my now one month old DeBuyer Mineral B that I bought following advice I'd gotten here. It's brought me great joy so far and I'd manage a nice coating of non-stick seasoning.

    Then I filled it up with a kilo of salt, heated it up and cooked prawns on it. 3 hours later, after the salt had cooled down sufficiently I threw it out to find a fine layer of what appears to be rust. -_-.... I mean, salt rusts, sure, but I'd made sure there was no water on the pan before I'd put any prawns in and can things rust in a matter of three hours....maybe 4? Is it rust... it kinda looks glossy blue as well. Bizarre. Explanations anyone?

    In an unrelated issue I've also discovered my pan has warped a little, I think. I haven't dumped it in room temperature water, or even washed it until it's cooled down quite a bit but I have deglazed it many many times with room temperature water into a rather hot pan. Can that warp a pan?

    Btw, when I say warp I can't really observe any instability on a flat surface or any indentation visually; but, when I put oil in the pan it settles into a ring against the edge of the pan. Maybe, I'm over reacting.

    I feel stupid for having perhaps warped the pan, probably should have a read a bit more into it before I plunged half a cup of water into my hot pan. Any help on both matters would be much appreciated!!!!
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    Where you're talking about the glossy blue as well, I think you've got some heat haze. That's not the technical term, but steel, carbon and stainless both, will take on some rainbow colors from high heat and some chemicals in the case of stainless (dishwasher).

    You probably had enough heat long enough, you burned off some of your seasoning so it's visible now.

    It's not detrimental to the pan. You can take some Bar Keeper's Friend and it should polish out.

    Most pans will warp, though it sounds more like yours went convex in the middle. My flat bottom wok did that.
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    Try burning out some more table salt in it for a while dump it then rub it with oil and put it away.