salt in a recipe for black bread

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i have a recipe for black bread that calls for 1 tablespoon of salt!
the recipe is for 4-4inch mini loaves and calls for 2 c flour and 3/8 cup cornmeal plus other seasoning and liquid - i am afraid to add that much salt - the recipe is from a book called mini-baking with ingredient one - any help appreciated
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Salt is rarely added to a bread dough above the level of 3% or so. If you can get the weight of the flour and salt and see what percentage the salt is you may be able to figure this out. I have read of extra salt being added to a very sour acidic dough, wish I could remember where. Most formulas will have the salt in the 2-3 % range. Even the one percent difference is noticeable, not just in taste, but on the bleaching and tightening effect it has on the crumb.
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