Salt cod for gefilte fish

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I don't see why it wouldn't work. Of course you would have to make sure you de-salted it completely, but otherwise it's raw fish. 

Anything in particular you were concerned with?
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I don't know, though. Salt cod has a funny texture, kind of tricky to manipulate. You might take a look at a few brandade de morue recipes to get tips.
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Gefilte fish is usually carp, white fish, or pike.  Freshwater fish and way different texture than salt cod.  I agree if you want to use salt cod make a brandade de morue, or onoe of the recipes for bacalao. 
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I just worried the texture might be off.  I don't have to use it but happened to have some in the fridge so it crossed my mind.  Probably just go with the usual types of fish and leave the experimentation for another day when a dozen people aren't coming over.
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