Salt baked potato

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Wanted to bake potatoes on a bed of salt, in order to pull out humidity, You think that would help, or not worth the effort ? Was hoping to use the potatoes for gnocchi.

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Might be a fun experiment if you have enough salt sitting around. Kosher or canning salt. But potatoes don't have so much moisture in them that a salt bake is required. But for the heck of it, I'd bake them buried in the salt. Bake one in salt, another without. See if you can tell the difference. 
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I've baked potatoes on a bed of salt before. The part of the potato that is in contact with the salt becomes a bit too dry. Just like if you put them directly onto the baking sheet, the part that is in contact with the baking sheet becomes a little too dry. The advantage of using salt is that the potato doesn't flatten at all. Not a big advantage. 

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