salt and toughness in baking?

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I am new to the forum and sent in my hello...but
I also wanted to ask a question -
I have a wonderful corn muffin recipe which I make mini corn muffins
to the church about once a month...I get up at 4am to make these little
honeys for the fund raising breakfast we do. Here is the question -
I have made these about 1/2 a dozen times and have used salted butter,
this time I used unsalted butter(bought the wrong stuff) and thought they needed about 1/2 t or so more salt to the recipe...they didn't come out right...
very hard to get out of the pans, as a result all broken, and seemed tougher
than usual...would adding the salt have changed the chemistry sooooo much
as to do this or not?...they were also flatter than normal compared to a nice
round crown...any feed back would be they still taste great just
little and broken!
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Hmm..tough when you answer your own questions..
seems that I may have had two problems...
old baking powder and buttermilk...from another thread
I noticed that Acid ingredients nullify the baking powder...which
since I was at the end of the tin it may have seen better days...
also found that buttermilk is considered Acid, and so is corn.
So I may have just run into a bad batch....they were very flat...
no crown at all, which was a complaint of another who
was making orange cake (acid issue again).
Didn't want to type in the whole recipe since I had made them
before and everything ok...glad I read the other thread.
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