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My OXO salad spinner never seems to get lettuce fully dry, especially certain types like red leaf.  I came across the Matfer Swing Salad Spinner for substantially more money.  

Anyone have any experience using this or other professional spinners?  Do they dry substantially better than consumer spinners?
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I wouldn't spend more money for a different spinner. Try spinning smaller batches of lettuce at one time more than once, making sure to drain off the water in between spins.  No matter how expensive or high quality the spinner, they all need a certain amount of room for the lettuce to fling off the water. Pack too tightly and there is nowhere for the water to go.

Anyway, try that before spending any more money. 
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I think you're right, I'm probably putting too much in there.  Will give that a try.  

Thank you
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Also, in addition to doing less at a time, I like to take the basket out, shake it up to redistribute the lettuce, drain the water in the bowl, then spin it again. I sometimes do this more than once. 
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I don't know the Matfer but I am very happy with my Zyliss.  It is very large and can fit a ton of ruffage.  Upon removing the colander part it turns into a bowl for a very large salad if I'm having a bbq.  I've had it for 9 years and it has suffered no damage even when I use it daily.
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My OXO salad spinner never seems to get lettuce fully dry
Neither does mine. I can get lettuce dry with any spinner but the OXO, which doesn't work as well as the others. I liked the idea of the big button you push down rather than the lawnmower-style string and ring that you pull, but it's nowhere near as efficient. 

An like @Someday  I always spin salad 3 or 4 times, emptying the water and redistributing the leaves in between the 3 or 4 times. 
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I find that if I tear my salad first then it dries much better than spinning the whole leaves... and yes shake it, empty the bowl, spin a second time.


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i don't think any of them make it perfectly dry. In fact, Graham Kerr used to dress  his salad and then spin it to leave a very low calorie sheen on the salad, but still dressed. 

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