Sake Lees or Kasu salmon?

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Has anyone used sake lees, also called kasu? They have it at the local Japanese grocery, in bulk containers, so no ingredient list or brand name.  It's the fermented leftovers from brewing sake. And it's cheap - a litre container was a couple of dollars. Coincidentally, there's a artisan sake brewer here in town, maybe that's where it comes from.  But I digress.

It doesn't taste great out of the tub, but I mixed it with some mirin and spread it on a salmon filet to marinate overnight. We'll see how it tastes tomorrow.  I think I'll pan fry, or maybe broil.

Would be interested to hear if anyone else has worked with this and find out how to use it.


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The Fukkien subtype of Chinese cuisine uses red and white rice wine lees. Outside of China you usually have to make it yourself with the rice, a particular yeast ball and so on. I've not cooked with it yet.

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