Running out of bbq sauce

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You have been so helpful to me so far, I have another request. I found the best bbq sauce a few years ago when I tasted it at a festival. I ordered it by the case until they decided to stop making sauce and hit the road on their Harleys.
This was the best bbq sauce for ribs, chicken...everything. It is called peach jalapeno bbq sauce. Peaches are the first ingredient, tomato the second and it's really spicy.
I have not been successful at finding a recipe that is as good or even better( particularly without the chemicals). Can anyone help with recipes they've tried? BBQ season is upon us in the Northeast.
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I can't give you a recipe because I don't have one but I have no doubt you will get some very creative responses to your inquisition on this site.  I will however give you some encouraging words.  You may never find a recipe that will match your beloved favorite sauce's flavor.  You may find though that there are better ways to make sauce from scratch and learn to love the absence of chemicals in them.  It's difficult to unlike a processed food (nobody knows that better than the manufacturers!), but you can retrain your palate.  I look forward to making one of the recipes on this thread, sounds like an interesting combo.
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For BBQ information I recommend posting the question here.


That site has the who’s who when it comes to Q and they will likely know what’s going on with the product. Some of the best BBQ teams and BBQ chefs in the country hang out there and they are great people.   

The same thing happened to me a few years back. Finally I had to make it myself and experiment many times until I got it just right. I'm glad I make my sauce now as it's a better product IMO.   
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What are the ingredients listed on the label? If we knew them in the order listed some suggestions and guesses could be made to come up with a recipe. Have you contacted the manufacturer? You may be able to get the recipe from them.
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You say the makers hopped on their Harleys and roared away?

Were you by any chance dealing with Biker Billy? He does biker-themed cooking demos and has published several cookbooks - Google is your friend, if indeed it was BB.

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 I met and tasted the bbq sauce at a Garlic Festival in Saugherties, NY last year. I continued to order the sauce until they notified me they were closing. I did go to the site Schmoozer suggested and they posted the ingredients in order:
[color= rgb(55, 83, 98)]Peaches, jalapeno peppers, tomato concentrate, apricots, chili peppers, red tabasco peppers, water, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar.  
While I was able to order another 12 bottles of the sauce ( I seriously love it), I would love to have a recipe that tastes like it. I have emailed them several times and they have not given me the recipe.
The sauce is Pit Bull peach jalapeno bbq sauce. I don't know if that is Biker Billy's sauce.

Thank you to everyone for trying to help.


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I also did a search but couldn’t find it anywhere. If you don’t mind Mary, where did you see it? Is that a Lang 60 I see in that blurry photo?????


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Try reverse engineering.

Peaches, jalapeno peppers, tomato concentrate, apricots, chili peppers, red tabasco peppers, water, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar.

Start with

Peach pulp from 2 peaches
4 jalapeno peppers
Apricot pulp from 1 apricot
2 hot chili peppers
1 t red tabasco peppers

Puree together

Now add your sugars and honey for appropriate sweetness

Puree together again.

Cook gently for 45min on low.

This is the hard part.  The tomato concentrate and water.  I'm assuming they mean some kind of tomato paste.  I would mix tomato paste and water until they get to BBQ sauce consistency.  Then add that to the pureed mix and cook until you achive the right consistency.

If you can't get it down, add a bit more paste.

That's the best I can think of right now.
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Even though I'm expecting 12 bottles to arrive any day, I'm going to try to make the recipe you gave.  I am not a professional cook and had no idea how much of any of the ingredients to use. You gave me a place to begin my experimentation.
I'll let you know how it comes out.
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