rugelach and other jam use

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I have several jars of preserves to use up soon.  I plan to make rugelach again but I have always made a sticky doughy mess in the past.  It is basically a butter or shortbread like cookie dough with a jam filling and sliced and rolled up then baked right?  I have always used Ina garten food network recipe in which she spread a layer of ground nut and brown sugar raisin then a apricot preserve.  Then you slice and roll up into rugelach and bake.  My problem is that the apricot  or raspberry jam melts before the baking time is up.  I think the smuckers don't hold up well so I had better luck with the local preserve.  if anyone have any tips or recipes for other desserts using jam, please share.  I just love butter or shortbread desserts.
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bakewell tart,

lunettes a la confiture,

steamed pudding

swiss roll-sprerad with jam before rolling

victoria sponge

glaze pastries with apricot jam thinned with water

serve with batch of scones and cream

serve with butter and soda bread
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I just made these  last night using pineapple jam.  Don't over bake them and they are quite delicious (and very quick to put together).  

I really love this recipe, too.  It is a great way to show off nice jams and the crust is just the right texture.
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I've made Hello Dolly bars when I've had an abundance of jam to use up.  They're simple to make, and freeze very well which is a bonus. 
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Jam roly poly

Add to a Victoria sponge

Bakewell tart

steamed sponge pudding

Jam tarts

And so much more!

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