Rotisserie cooking

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I havent ever prepared a rotisserie chicken. My oven has a rotisserie element in it. The chicken is about five piounds. How long will I need to cook it and at what temp.? Is it necessary to stuff it? Thanks.
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Hi Dotigula!

I do a rotisserie chicken (4 pound fryer) on the grill's spit on medium heat for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. I'd say do 15-20 minutes more for a 5 pounder. Are you using a fryer or a roaster? Does your oven come with directions??

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Dot -

I've found that using a thermometer is the single best way to get a juicy, perfectly done chicken every time. It's so hard to guess how long something will take and differences in moisture content etc. can really vary it alot.

I hope it came out great! :)
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I am new here, first post, and we also just purchased anew Ronco Platinum 5000, So far we done a chicken seasoned with just salt and pepper, and we did a pork roast today, both were very tasty, was wonering if the ronco can do a better baked potatoe than in the oven, I am still trying to master a good baked potatoe, some resturants have baked potatoes with a crunchy skin and delicious, we will be doing another chicken in a few days, any good seasoning tips for a better chicken.

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