Rotisserie Chicken

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    My mom bought me a 90cm Ariston oven this christmas (and I was so happy :D). I noticed it has a rotisserie function. I want to cook chicken tonight but this is my 1st time trying. I already have 2 on the marinade. One in the traditional Filipino roasted chicken marinade (soy sayce, loads of calamansi or lime, chili, garlic and sugar pref. brown or muscovado) and another one in a brine of onions, chili and laurel leaves. Gonna add rosemary later.

    So my question is how long should I cook this? I have a thermometer but I dont want to check it every 15 mins or so. I just want to know an estimate :)

    Also, if I were to cook pork or beef, how long and how should I flavor it? Thanks! I'm sorry if it sounds like spoon feeding, i just dont have large trust on websites, while here, it feels like asking a real person and actually going into a conversation and it feels more fulfilling. thanks!

    Here are the pics of the oven :D




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