Rosemary grown from clipping

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Allow for a few more roots to develop.  I would recommend to first plant in a 2" or 4" pot with a soiless seedling starter mix. The mix has fertilizer that promotes rapid and strong root growth.  I would say that you will want to allow two weeks minimum  before transplanting outside to their permanent homes outside.

 When it comes time to plant, set it in the spot where you want it to grow.  A sunny location with well draining soil is optimal.
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Isn't it a great feeling when you see those roots developing, French Fries? Almost nothing in the world like it.

I agree with Fr33-Mason about letting more roots develop. After those first two they'll start popping with some expediency.

Not all soiless media contain fertilizer. Most are various mixes of peat, vermiculite, and perlite. Some have wetting agents as well. And some have both wetting agents and fertilizer.

If the media you select does not have fertilizer, then add some, diluting it to no more than 25% of the recommended concentration. That is, if the package says 1 tablespoon per quart of water, you want to mix 1 tablespoon into a gallon instead. The idea is to give the plant a boost, but not to overburden it.

After potting, I would wait until new grow showed before thinking about transplanting. Fr33-Mason's suggestion of waiting at least two weeks is good, because it will minimize root shock when you do transplant. But if you wait until there is new growth, you'll be sure that the plant has established itself.
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Update on my 1 in 4 success rate in potting mix - it's going great guns /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif  Hooray!
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