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I am hoping a professional here might be able to help me as I've gone and made a mistake. I used a Wusthof handheld sharpener on my sushi knife and ruined it. The sharpener sharpened both sides of the blad but it is a one sided knife. I have since bought a whetstone but have not tried to repair it yet. My question: How do I repair the damage of using this handheld 2 sided sharpener on my 1 sided sushi knife?


Jason in Traverse City MI

ps. if this is not where I should be posting this please advice
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You don't need to do much repair the back (the side which usually doesn't get sharpened).  But, you've probably created some problems on the front in that the pull-through sharpener you used sharpened far more obtusely than the original edge or is good for the purpose.  

You're going to want to re-profile the front of the knife to establish an appropriate bevel -- probably around 7* or 8* or so -- then sharpen all the way up the progression to create an appropriate level of polish. 

I'll go into more detail if you like, but this discussion should be moved down to the knife thread before we use up too much bandwidth.

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