Rookie needing advice ASAP! Sausage for 200+ person event

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Hi there - to say I am a rookie is a huge understatement. I don't think I fully comprehend what I'm getting myself into - but here is the back story. 

I am part of a group throwing an Oktoberfest style charity fundraiser, complete with food and drink, with about 200 people expected in attendance. We were able to secure a beer, liquor, and hot pretzel sponsor for the event but struggled to find one for the "main course" - sausages. 

We have finally found a sponsor in the form of a wholesale food distributor in the area, who is willing to donate all of the links, sauerkraut, as well as chafing dishes and sternos. But the preparation ahead of time is going to be up to me and a few others, none of us with access to commercial kitchens or experience in cooking for such a large group.

The event is taking place on a boat, so the plan is to get these cooked ahead of time and then have them set up and reheated in the chafing dishes once we kick off.

ANY advice and tips at all will be greatly appreciated!! The wholesaler is also willing to donate the ingredients it would take a potato salad side, but I'm wary about how much work we're undertaking as it is!  
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You won't be able to reheat quickly or safely enough in the chafers. Transport them and keep at correct temp in cambros and transfer to chafers as needed.

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Please don't tell me you are planning to have an open fire on a boat (sterno).

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