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Hi folks,

Just started using this forum today and I've already received amazing help.

My experience with cooking is limited, mainly in boring and bland Asian "house food" while living with parents. Having recently been married, I've started having the freedom of experimenting more.

I had worked in a butchery for around 7 years part time during my school/uni years, and so it has turned me into a meat lover of sorts. To this day, even after 5 years of my engineering profession, there is nothing like coming home with a large hunk of meat and getting my beloved set of dexter Russells out.

As my current living arrangements are limited, thanks to the ever increasing real estate prices, I have left my favourite lpg wok burners at my parents home, and have settled for induction at home. I have only just started playing around with sous vide (yes, slow bloomer, I know) after having build a couple of water baths.

My main interests include the technicals of cooking (I.e. Why things end up the way they are), and knives (and how to get them extremely sharp).

Hope to learn a lot from you guys and thanks in advance for your patience with laymen like myself?

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