Rolling out Pasta Dough

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Hello all! I do have a question:

Is it possible to roll out pasta dough by hand rather then machine to make raviolois?

If so, would you just roll it out as much as you could unti lthe gluten starts to pull back and then let it rest and then roll it out some more?

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Of course! They didn't always have machines...

Just use a rolling pin. Resting depends on several factors so you'll find suggestions for anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes after you've made the dough.

Then just roll it out to desired thickness and cut...
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If you have time and skill enough, the dough rolled up by hand gives you pasta with a better texture and flavour. If you can find it, buy a pasta rolling pin, which is longer (up to 3-4 feet) and thinner than the ordinary rolling pins.
You have to practice a lot before getting quick enough to do a good job. Never let your dough rest after having rolled it, as it dries very quickly! Keep the dough aside for about 30 mins after having kneaded it, then roll it up and make your ravioli as soon as you can.


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