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Hello friends! I just love the fact that there is ap lace that we all can come to to task our questions and to help other people out.

Anyway.... I am doing another wedding cake but this time the customer wants chocolate fondant. I have never made it before. Do I just replace some of my powdered sugar and use cocoa powder?

Also... does anyone have a ratio for how many ounces of rolled fondant it takes to cover a cake (be it any inches).

Thank you!
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I have never made choc. fondant, but there are a multitude of companies that sell it pre-made. Here are a few:

Cal Java in CA. , which sells the brand Satin Ice , which has this and a ton of other supplies

Albert Uster also sells a great white choc. fondant.

As for the amounts to use, Colette Peters suggests the following:

6" 1 1/2#
8" 2#
10" 2 1/2#
12" 3#
14" 4#
16" 5#
For sq. cakes increase the poundage for each by 1/2# or more for larger cakes.

From experience I can tell you that 13# will easily cover 6,9,12,16 and have some left over for borders or what not. Hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out.

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I am fan of Choco-pan. They sell white chocolate and dark chocolate rolled fondant (caramel, too). It is the tastiest fondant I have ever come across. You can find it here:

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