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    Hi. My name is Rocky and I'm new to the industry.  I've always been a cubicle nerd, but decided it was high time that I leave the horribly structured company I was with for 2 years and pursue something I could learn more about and enjoy.  Well. a recent visit to Miami sparked my love for cooking again, as I tried many different cultural dishes and met so many different people.   Let me reiterate.. I don't just love to cook!  It's one of my greatest passions!  When I'm cooking, it allows me share my service and my love through the food.. and the recipients are (almost) always grateful for my efforts.  Money means little to me right now, I know that we must all crawl before we walk, when entering a new field.  With a formidable resume and nice appearance and attitude,  I was able to wow the kitchen manager and staff at a local upscale tex/mex joint and they gave me a shot!   Since then, I've done some cooking, alot of cleaning, and getting my bearings in that kitchen and the kitchen of our sister restaurant just around the corner.  Friday night I'll be on a fry station and I know it's relatively simple work, but this restaurant is VERY popular.   I'm thinking it will be beneficial for me to go in a few hours early to take notes and study the basic operations and learn where all of my cold storage items are.  Just one thread on this site ( found via google ) helped me understand where I need to start in getting a grip on this new job.  Thanks to for being such a help!  Anyway, nice to meet you all and I look forward to more discussions! 
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    Welcome Rockynerd we are glad to have you and thank you for the kind words. You and I are the reverse I started out in the kitchen and went into corporate. Sounds like you have the drive and the passion so keep it up. My biggest advice to you and something I think is often a common pitfall having a passion for cooking and working in a professional food service operation are in my opinion two completely separate things. From the corporate world that I am in many like to code but they hate having a corporate job. Same in the kitchen, many like to cook but not work every weekend, nights, holidays long hours etc. 

    Keep your eyes open the wonderful thing about the food service field is there are so many options. Again welcome, hope this helps.